5 Reasons that Nintendo’s Splatoon Should be on Any Gamers Shopping List


Nintendo’s newest IP venture comes to us in the form of Splatoon; a competitive, online oriented paintball splatterfest. Now that we’ve gotten to spend a bit of time with it, we feel comfortable recommending you pick it up based on these 5 very key and very reasonable points…

5. Stylish Digs

Splatoon is all about splashing ink and looking cool while doing it. Gotta stay fresh, ya’ hear me? Luckily there are a number of in game shops with just such the merchandise for you to keep your swag on. Hats, Shirts, and Shoes are all for sale at the local “Booyah Base” shopping mall, with more and more gear becoming available to you as you level up in the multiplayer mode.

4. Great Character Designs

Bar none, the shop keepers in Splatoon rank among the most fun and most inspired characters I’ve seen in a long time. Each one of them is brimming with character and charm. This isn’t to say that the rest of Splatoons cast isn’t worth mentioning too, because believe me, they are. From the Inkling characters that you play as to the Octarian villains in the single player campaign to the fat, happy, sleepy Mr. Kitty that officiates each and every versus match; Splatoon takes inspired and runs with it into the sunset.

3. A Surprisingly Compelling Single Player Mode

For a game that has boasted being all about its multiplayer, Splatoon features a surprisingly robust single player mode that will not only introduce you to all of the nuances of gameplay, but have you master them by the time you are done. This mode does limit which weapons can be used, but it will teach you just how much you can manipulate your paint for both combat and movement purposes. While it fails to let you feel the full scope of the game, it’s a fantastic way for gamers who a more squeamish of online gaming to tip their toes in the ink (if you know what I mean).

2. This Commercial

We want you to watch this commercial. Watch it now.

1. It’s Really Really Really Fun

And reaching number one on our list…perhaps the most important reason to buy the game; the fun factor. Splatoon takes the competitive shooting game genre, adds to it, and spins it on its head in way that makes sense. Not only do you get the satisfaction on fragging enemy players, you get to spray paint everywhere with the game’s really cool weapons! In fact, the focus on painting the world in your color is so core to the design of the game that you could avoid fighting altogether, just paint everywhere, and still win a match! Splashtastic!

So there you have it. Squids of all colors slithering up to our doorstep wiggling in anticipation as Splatoon which is now on store shelves. It is all the fun that it’s been amped up to be too. And while the very nature of this type of game may be repetitive for some, Nintendo has tackled the competitive shooting genre with grace, and their own signature charm. Lace up your kicks, zip up that vest, and turn your hat to 45 degrees because its Splattering time.