20 Games That Absolutely Need to Be in the SNES Classic Edition

SNES Classic Edition and the 20 Games it Absolutely Needs 

After the shocking cancellation of the NES Classic Edition, rumors are now swirling that Nintendo will follow up the highly successful retro system with one based upon the Super Nintendo. While it may not ease the pain of any gamers that weren’t able to purchase a NES Classic Edition, it’s exciting to know that more classic gaming joy might be spread later this year. This got our brain churning at COGConnected, and we’ve come up with a list of games that need to be in the SNES Classic Edition.

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For this list, we limited the games to 20 classic Super Nintendo games. While the NES Classic Edition contained 30 titles, SNES games are typically larger titles. Since Nintendo values these more than NES games (as can be seen on the Virtual Console), it wouldn’t be shocking to see it feature less games.

With that out of the way, check out our list of 20 games that need to be included in the SNES Classic Edition, and make sure to let us know what games you would like to see in the comments below!

Chrono Trigger

Few games are as beloved as Chrono Trigger is, and for good reason. The Square developed role-playing game is arguably the best the genre has ever produced. From the game’s multiple endings to getting rid of random battles, the game was viewed as a revolutionary title in 1995. Due to these innovations, the game has aged very well, and its time travel-filled plot still packs quite the emotional punch.

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Donkey Kong Country

There are certain aspects of the Donkey Kong Country series that haven’t aged well (namely the collect-a-thon nature of the gameplay), but the series ended up helping define the SNES’ library. The first game is the most rough around the edges, largely due to stages focusing on gimmicks that are more frustrating than fun, but players will still be eager to control the iconic duo of Donkey Kong and Diddy.

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One game that never got the recognition it deserved upon release was Ape Inc.’s Earthbound. While it received a mixed reception in 1995, it’s now a beloved part of Nintendo’s vast library of franchises. The SNES Classic would be a perfect fit for the quirky role-playing game, and it easily could be one of the biggest selling points due to how rarely it has been re-released compared to other Nintendo classics.

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One of only two titles to launch with the Super Famicom in Japan, F-Zero managed to make quite the impact. As one of the first futuristic racing games, the series set the groundwork that games like WipEout and FAST would later use. As far as the game itself, the intense racing has aged pretty well. This is thanks to the refined, and heavily challenging gameplay, although its Mode 7 graphics are no longer impressive in 2017.

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