Scholar’s Mate Is Arriving on Consoles Next Month

Embrace the Horror in Scholar’s Mate

JanduSoft has announced that the console edition of Scholar’s Mate is coming out on July 4th, 2024. It will be available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. Furthermore, the pre-orders on the Xbox are already open as well. So, make sure to check it if you are eager to get your hands on it.

Scholar's Mate

Scholar’s Mate is a new first-person escape room game that takes place in a terrifying psychiatric hospital. Players will get a harrowing experience where their survival hinges solely on their wits. You will become Judith, a victim trapped by Eddie, a deranged individual, in a chilling, abandoned psychiatric hospital.

Along the way, you must solve a series of intricate puzzles to escape the dire situation. This task would be much simpler if the captor weren’t constantly lurking in every corner and corridor of this dismal place. Yes, Eddie can both see and hear you. If you run, he’ll know your location. If you shine your torch, he’ll spot you and track you down. He is a relentless enemy with a single objective: to end Judith’s life.

Key features:

– A first-person horror escape room.

– Explore and solve the hidden secrets of the hospital to escape.

– Relentless pursuit by Eddie.

– Experience the tension with an original soundtrack and immersive sound effects designed to create an eerie atmosphere.

Scholar’s Mate is already available on PC for those eager to try it out. Take a look at the official trailer below to get a glimpse of it.