Runes of Aereal Is Releasing a Demo During Steam Next Fest

Get Ready to Try out Runes of Aereal

Developer Bart Alluyn and publisher Lessis Games have announced that they will be releasing a free demo of Runes of Aereal during the week of Steam Next Fest. The event will take place on June 10-17, 2024. There will also be a livestream playthrough from the developer, giving players the chance to discover everything that the title has to offer.

Runes of Aereal

Runes of Aereal is a fast-paced, horror-themed roguelike deckbuilder that takes place in the shadowy lands of Aereal. You must build your deck, and fight enemies with a combination of combo-centric cards and items. Your main objective is to find the nine Runes of Immortality.

Explore various towns and cities, forests, and caverns on the search. There are deadly challenges at every turn, and the chance to collect new cards and items. Or you can even breathe new life into old ones, evolving and transmuting powerful tools.

The game features six playable characters, each with their own unique traits and stats. The world map is also randomly generated, with a variety of cards and items to experiment with. Hence, making sure no two runs are the same. So, are you excited to try out this epic upcoming game?

To build up the hype, check out the official trailer below.