Prune & Milo Will Start the Journey on PC and Consoles in July

Adventure Awaits in Prune & Milo

Boris, the solo developer of Flocons Studio and publisher JanduSoft has announced the release date for their upcoming title, Prune & Milo. It will be available on Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on 11 July. Furthermore, Xbox users can pre-order the game a week before the official launch, so keep an eye out as well.

Prune & Milo

Prune & Milo is a charming 2D turn-based puzzle game. Players will join this awesome brother and sister duo on an enchanting journey during their vacation. Their adventure began when Milo accidentally fell into a mysterious cave. Soon after, Prune joins in and together they must navigate the puzzles in the cave, unravel its secrets, and prevent the end of the world as Christopher the Wise Owl forewarned.

The game offers an unforgettable experience with over 70 levels of turn-based puzzles with unique mechanics. You will travel across three different worlds, and encounter quirky characters while solving complex puzzles on the way.

Key features:

– Turn-based puzzle game: Strategically plan your moves and solve puzzles at your own pace.
– Three unique worlds: Explore diverse environments, each with its own challenges.
– 70+ levels: Engage in various puzzles with different mechanics in every world.
– Two playable characters: Switch between Prune and Milo to utilize their unique abilities.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a vibrant pixel-art adventure, brimming with secrets, dangers, and unusual characters?