QUALIA ~The Path of Promise~ Is Out Now on Nintendo Switch

Romance Blooms in QUALIA ~The Path of Promise~

Sekai Project is thrilled to announce the release of its kinetic visual novel, QUALIA ~The Path of Promise~ on Nintendo Switch. It is now available digitally on the eShop for just $19.99. The game originally came out on Steam on 4 February 2023, and now it is finally making its mark on other platforms.

QUALIA ~The Path of Promise~

QUALIA ~The Path of Promise is a romantic visual novel game. The story centers around “Machina”, the world’s first android to pass the Turing Test. Soon she gained worldwide attention for her human-like qualities. However, she is not fully complete and has room to grow. Incidentally, she is also dressed like a maid.

Dr. Hiro Koshino ends up taking Machina home as a maid following his colleague’s suggestion. With time, Machina continues to learn and grow through her interactions with Hiro. At the same time, he also begins to develop certain feelings towards her.

This story is about pure love between an android heroine and a genius scientist. Witness as they learn to grow together, overcome fate, and find happiness.

Key features:

-Art by Suzushiro Atsushi
-Dual language display support
-Japanese voice-acting
-Kinetic visual novel
-An android maid girl!