Pokemon Sleep’s Fire Week Event Ignites Excitement

Legendary Pokemon Entei Takes Center Stage

Today marks the commencement of Pokemon Sleep’s Fire Week, heralding the onset of a substantial in-game event centered around the legendary Pokemon, Entei. This event promises players the opportunity to form a bond with the majestic volcano Pokemon, embark on exclusive weekly missions, unlock new items, and reap rich rewards.

Much like the previous Raikou Research Event, Entei will be exclusively encountered in Greengrass Isle. Players must collect Entei Mane, which can be exchanged for Entei Incense and Entei Biscuits. These items, particularly the Entei Biscuits, akin to their Raikou counterparts, will enhance the likelihood of luring and befriending Entei during daily research tasks. Notably, Entei Biscuits confer a significantly greater increase in Entei’s friendship compared to standard Poke Biscuits. During the event duration, Fire-type Pokemon, including Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard, Vulpix, Ninetales, Growlithe, Flareon, Cyndaquil, Quilava, and Typhlosion, will also make more frequent appearances.

Players can acquire Entei Mane by completing special weekly missions, which yield these coveted items as rewards. Entei’s sleep style is classified as Snoozing, and its signature main skill is Helper Boost (Fire). This skill amplifies the quantity of berries and ingredients obtained through Entei’s Helper Boost by incorporating various species of Fire-type Pokemon into the player’s team. The Fire Helper Pokemon chosen will experience a boost in their main skills, with an increase of one and three during the first and second weeks of the event, respectively.

Pokémon Sleep

Furthermore, while Entei may sporadically manifest in Taupe Hollow, such sightings will be exceedingly rare due to the Pokemon’s classification as a Special Pokemon. Players are reminded that only one Special Pokemon can be active on their team at a given time.

The Entei Research event commences on May 20 at 4 AM local time and concludes on June 3 at 3:59 AM local time. For comprehensive guidance on crafting, don’t forget to consult our updated Pokemon Sleep Recipe List, featuring recipes from previous events, including Valentine’s Day.