Never Mourn Will Arrive on Steam Early Access in May

Raise the Dead in Never Mourn

Developer Primal Seed and publisher Poysky Productions have announced that their upcoming title Never Mourn will launch on Steam Early Access on 13 May 2024. Additionally, the game will be participating in Steam’s ‘Endless Replayability’ Fest as well. So, get ready to wield the power to raise enemies from the dead in this amazing action RPG with rogue-lite elements.

Never Mourn

In Never Mourn, you will become a powerful battler necromancer and challenge death with your double-edged weapon. Kill your enemies and resurrect them to build an army in a quest to revive your child. Life and death are merely tools for you and you can traverse between these two realms and decide the fate of the people opposing you.

Every enemy that you kill can be reanimated and incorporated into your army to build a legion of the dead. They also possess unique abilities that offer diverse ways to enhance your gameplay. Choose the right enemy to resurrect to build the strongest team of undead. Make sure to choose the right spells, squad, and talents before each endeavor to overcome challenges easily. And even if you die, you will always rise again.

Key features:

– Fast-paced Action RPG meets rogue-lite mechanics for an explosive mix.
– Attack or support! Switch between the two skill sets and find creative ways to use these in tactical fights.
– The Necromancy system is at the core of the game design. It brings a deep strategic dimension.
– Unlock spells, abilities, and new minions to fight alongside you. Try them. Every run will feel different.