Esports History Has Started Its Journey in the Demo on Steam

Become a Star in Esports History

Quantum Gear Studios is thrilled to announce that a playable demo of their upcoming title Esport History is out now on Steam. Everyone can dive right into it to get a first-hand experience of this innovative adventure-tycoon game. Take a look at the latest trailer below to get a glimpse of the game in action.

Esports History is an adventure tycoon game with RPG elements. You will step inside the shoes of an ordinary person on an epic quest to become an eSport legend. Journey your way through major cities where the earliest significant tournaments and professional teams were established. Defeat bosses in tournaments, gain a reputation in the community and become a true professional.

You will start in modest PC club matches in the initial stages. With each victory, you will progress to bigger tournaments, getting closer to your dream of becoming a legendary gamer. The game features an elaborate narrative with unique gameplay that combines deep mini-games and RPG life sim. So, get ready to walk on this nostalgic inspirational journey.

Key features:

– 6 mini-games. 3 FPS and 3 RTS mini-games.
– 4 cities
– Unique character progression system including stats and talents
– More than 12 additional quests
– More than 15 deep characters
– Unique time and resource management, balance between Money, Stress, Energy, Time, and Character Power
– A huge number of easter eggs on the golden era of the birth of eSports
– Possibility to choose in what genre your character will progress in RTS or FPS