Alice’s World Officially Announced on Steam

Welcome to Alice’s World

The indie development studio STORIA GAMES has announced its upcoming apocalyptic puzzle narrative game, Alice’s World for PC via Steam. It is expected to launch on the platform sometime in 2024, however, there is no specific release date for now. Stay tuned for more updates in the future.

Alice’s World

Alice’s World is a 2D story-driven adventure puzzle game. It takes place in a desolate world filled with ruins, death, and deserted lanscapes. Amidst these chaos, the young girl Alice hears “your voice” coming from the screen. Your goal is to guide her forward, solve different mysteries, and reach the top of the tower.

Be the guide and help her explore this 2D world. Help her escape monsters, solve puzzles, and finally find the exit from the crumbling dream world. The game features meta elements as well, making her hear the player’s instructions.

The playtime, inputs, and all actions will affect the relationship between you and Alice, hence offering different storylines. The developer hopes that such designs can break the distance of traditional role-playing games between the character and the player, and provide a stronger sense of immersion.

Key features:

– There is no role-playing! You are yourself, sitting in front of the screen, guiding the in-game character.

– Explore the stories hidden behind the desolate world, unravel the truth layer by layer.

– Exquisite Japanese-style art and full voice acting bring an immersive experience.