Truck Driver – Heading North DLC Has Arrived on Steam

Explore Scenic Nordic Routes in Truck Driver

SOEDESCO is proud to announce the launch of Heading North DLC for their highly acclaimed automobile simulator, Truck Driver. It is available right now on Steam for a price of €12.99/ $12.99, however, there is a limited-time 15% discount. The DLC offers extra hours of gameplay as well as new characters, and fresh missions in the beautiful country of Mangefjell.

Truck Driver

Get ready to expand your Truck Driver experience with the ‘Heading North’ DLC. When Uncle Karl proposes the idea of extending your journey to the chilly yet alluring green lands of Mangefjell, you embrace the challenge. Navigate through breathtaking Nordic-inspired scenery, and advance your career as you undertake various tasks for unfamiliar faces along the way.

Here are some key features:

– Discover a whole new map depicting the Nordic-inspired country Mangefjell
– Get to know Ólaff, Lars, and Katerina as you complete over 30 new jobs
– Drive through beautiful verdant landscapes and interesting new places
– Search for a new hidden place that is not shown on the map
– Unlock eight new achievements
– 10 new soundtracks that you can enjoy on your journey

To build up the hype, make sure to check out the official launch trailer of the DLC below.