Trackline Express Is Now Available on Steam and Switch

Time to Ride the Trackline Express

Prepare your ticket because the journey is about to start! The indie game developer Bubblebird Studio is proud to announce that their second title Trackline Express is now available on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Check out the official gameplay trailer below to witness the dangerous ride and all the challenges ahead.

Trackline Express is a train builder where your objective is to navigate to designated stations. All the while ensuring the safety of your passengers amidst potential threats like attacks and wildfires. You will gather woods, rocks, ores, and coal, and unlock blueprints along the way. With the help of these resources, you must create new buildings and equipment.

The game masterfully blends elements from strategy and resource management titles and offers a cozy experience with exciting twists. It features an appealing visual, however, don’t get fooled by them because you will face some intense confrontations as you venture out for the next station.
There is an online cooperative mode on Steam as well where you can gather your squad and engage in some good old fights on the tracks. You can even build your maps using the map editor which is available on Steam only.

Key features:

– High replayability value
– Many items to gather and craft
– Multiple game modes
– Online and local multiplayer mode
– Mini quests to complete
– Random deterministic map generator