SolForge Fusion Is Out Now on Steam Early Access

Become a Forgeborn in SolForge Fusion

Developers Justin Gary and Richard Garfield, and publisher Stone Blade Entertainment are thrilled to announce the release of SolForge Fusion on Steam Early Access. Yes, the digital version world’s first hybrid card game is finally available on the platform for just $14.99 with a 25% discount. Hurry up and grab your copy before the offer ends on 23 April 2024.

SolForge Fusion

SolForge Fusion is a collectible card-battling game with thousands of cards and endless possibilities for deckbuilding. You will step inside the shoes of a mighty Forgeborn, a champion granted incredible powers mysterious tower known as the SolForge. Battle against other Forgeborn in PvP modes or venture into the frozen world of Solis in a single-player mode.

Every playable deck in the game is crafted from a fusion of two algorithmically-generated and unique faction decks. When you play a card, it does not just impact the current round. It levels up and becomes more powerful, adding more strategy to your play.

Not only that, but each one-of-a-kind faction deck comes with a unique QR code. Players can scan them to add them to their online collection. They can even use them later to register for tournaments and other community events.

Key features:

– Engage in competitive or casual PvP duels, or explore the world of Solis in a roguelite campaign mode to earn rewards and gain experience.

– Customize and enhance your deck as it levels up through campaign play. This allows players to take on more challenging bosses and adventures with increasingly powerful cards.

– Unlock a wide range of cosmetics and power-ups to personalize the experience.

– Compete in casual play or rise through the ranks in online tournaments.