Piranha Feeding Is Out Now on Steam Early Access

Devour Them All in Piranha Feeding

Prepare yourself for the ultimate feeding frenzy! The video game developer FunCraft Games is proud to announce that their latest title Piranha Feeding is now available on Steam Early Access. You can purchase it for just $2.39 at a 40% launch discount on the platform. Take a look at the official release trailer to get a glimpse of the action awaiting us.

Piranha Feeding is an awesome action survivor game with rogue-lite elements. It puts you in control of a school of hungry piranhas on a quest for the ultimate feeding frenzy. Become a fearsome leader, guide your group to devour various prey ranging from small creatures to dangerous enemies.

As a leader, you will unlock new abilities to strengthen your entire group after every successful round. The main goal is to devour the prey and grow stronger in the process. The game features simple 4 button controls where you can master the art of attacking, defending, and strategic movement. With its addictive gameplay and amazing soundtrack, it promises to deliver hours of endless fun for players of all ages. So, are you ready for this ultimate quest of devouring your prey?

Key features:

– Simple 4-button control scheme
– Realistic prey, ranging from smaller aquatic creatures to formidable adversaries that meet a gruesome demise
– Addictive easy-to-learn difficult-to-master gameplay