Just Crow Things Has Launched Its Public Demo on Steam

Enjoy the Cozy Adventure in Just Crow Things

Get ready to become the coolest bird in town! Unbound Creations, the award-winning independent game studio has released a demo version of Just Crow Things. It is now available on PC via Steam and is planned for consoles in the future.

Just Crow Things

Just Crow Things is a level-based, sandbox-y adventure game where you step inside the shoes of a crow who is trying to prove her worth to the world. You must complete tasks to slowly build up your Crowputation across diverse environments such as the French Riviera, Ancient Egypt, or New York.

Along the way, you will make new friends, poop on unsuspecting people, and steal all the shiny trinkets. Every level features a little sandbox full of fun items to discover and puzzles to solve. Well, you will also be causing a bit of chaos while doing so. Y ou can even customize your adorable appearance, spread your wings, and soar to new heights of cuteness.

Here are some key features:

– Explore 10 unique and sandbox-y levels
– Customize your crow with cute hats, scarves, and more
– Eat delicious foods and discover new “poop modes”
– Use a variety of tools and objects you pick up
– Make new animal friends and help them out

Check out the official reveal trailer below to get a glimpse of the cozy gameplay.