Dungeons of Hinterberg Release Date Unveiled

Join the Action in Dungeons of Hinterberg

Curve Games and Microbird have finally announced the release date for their upcoming title Dungeons of Hinterberg. This single player action RPG and social sim will be launching on Steam, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox Game Pass on 18 July 2024. Take a look at the official release date trailer below to get a glimpse of it.

Addionally, to celebrate this announcement, Microbird is openning sign-ups for the playtest. It will give fans a chance to play the first two in-game days for the very first time. You can visit the official Steam page and “Request Access”. The playtest will run from 9th to the 16th of May.

Dungeons of Hinterberg is a hack ‘n’ slash action, puzzle solving RPG with social elements. It allow players to battle monstrous creatures from Alpine myths, explore dungeons, and forge friendships. You will step inside the shoes of Luisa, a burnt-out law trainee taking a break from her fast-paced corporate life. Your main goal is to complete plenty of dungeons and embark on epic adventures.

Key features:

– Explore the Alps: There’s no shortage of places to discover while you’re out looking for your next dungeon.
– Slay in Style: Use your swords and magic skills to take down monsters.
– Solve your way out: Use your head, your magic skills, and every trick in the book to solve them.
– Meet the Locals: Spend your nights forging friendships with the locals and other adventurers