Dog Eat Dog: Scam to Survive Is Coming Out on Steam This Year

A Dark Story Awaits in Dog Eat Dog: Scam to Survive

The solo indie developer Codapill proudly presents his upcoming title Dog Eat Dog: Scam to Survive, coming to Steam this year. It is a dark interactive visual novel game where players take on the role of a Tech Scammer. Additionally, a demo will be arriving on the platform very soon as well for everyone to try out.

Dog Eat Dog: Scam to Survive

Dog Eat Dog: Scam to Survive is a dark, brooding visual novel with computer simulation elements. It takes huge inspiration from scam-baiter content creators. The story takes place in the fictional city of VONA in 2010, a place that’s feeling the effects of a deep recession and austerity measures.

The protagonist is a poor person stuck between a difficult unemployment situation and eviction. He must earn enough quick, dirty money, through his new job as a Tech Scammer. The goal is to survive, not to thrive.

The narrative uses a second-person perspective and through dynamic comic strip panels. These panels will alter depending on the actions and decisions you make. There are visual novel-type scenes as well as some side-scrolling exploration of VONA, which makes the interactive very immersive.

Key features:

– A dark story with a noir feel.
– Branching paths leading to differing conclusions.
– Simulation gameplay, controlling people’s computers.
– A variety of characters to call, encouraging extra playthroughs.
– Determine the outcome your way.

Make sure to check out the official trailer below.