Astral Throne Demo Is Out Now on Steam

Try Astral Throne Right Now

Zero Sun Games has officially released the demo version of their upcoming title Astral Throne on Steam. Have a taste of the gameplay that takes huge inspiration from the Fire Emblem series, along with intriguing narrative and visuals from the Nintendo 64.

Not only that the launch demo is accompanied by a reveal trailer as well. It showcases the game’s key features, character art, and unique fantasy setting.

Astral Throne is an interesting blend of retro-style turn-based strategy and roguelike adventure. It takes place on a land plagued by the curse of a Falling Star. Players will need to build their party, recruit new allies, and synergize their skills to come out victorious. The composition of your party shapes the narrative, all of them have flexible classes. Different encounters can alter your course drastically, offering a new story with every run.

This new demo will give players access to the Act 1 of the game. It features 9 full levels, 4 player characters, and a choice of 3 difficulty levels. It will take about an hour to complete your first successful run. You can play it multiple times to discover everything, after all, it is a roguelike.

Zero Sun Games also encourages everyone to try out the demo and share their experience with the team. The feedback will help the developers shape the game better for both SRPG die-hards and newcomers before its planned release later this year.