Skaramazuzu Is Coming Out Next Week on Steam

Get Ready to Enter the Mysterious World of Skaramazuzu

Bleeding Moon Studio and Iphigames are proud to announce the release date of their upcoming title Skaramazuzu. The game will be coming out next week on 3 April on Steam. You can put it on your wish list right now to enjoy the game as soon as it launches.


Skaramazuzu is an atmospheric story-driven 2D adventure game that takes place in The Void, a place somewhere between life and death. It is a place made up of hopeful dreams and broken shadows. From time to time, some souls may sometimes find themselves lured into this strange world. Their goal is to be tested and examined, and to find out where they are worthy of moving on to.

Players will step inside the shoes of the protagonist Zuzu, an innocent soul summoned by the enigmatic Master. Now he must embark on a juourney of self-discovery and redemption. Along the way, he will meet whimsical and unpredictable characters, solve various puzzles, and unravel the truth behind this moody world.

The game features over 20 interconnected locations, offering a fresh take on the classic story-driven adventure genre. The controls are easy as well, and there is an inventory system for collecting and utilizing items. Not only that, there are over 20 unique characters to meet. The unique sound effects and the original score enhance the immersive journey, offering an engaging experience throughout the game.