Puppet House Officially Announced for PC, PS5 and Xbox

Unravel the Dark Secrets of the Puppet House

Vecube Studio, Spirit Games Studio, and Gaming Factory are proud to announce their upcoming title Puppet House. This spine-chilling horror survival game is coming soon to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox consoles. So, prepare yourself to uncover the dark secrets of the abandoned home of a late ventriloquist.

Puppet House

In Puppet House, you will play Rick Evans, a photographer with a passion for abandoned and haunted places. And step inside the abandoned home of the late ventriloquist Peter Hill to uncover its dark secrets.

The media and press kept on receiving disturbing reports about the property from the residents of Field Town. Mysterious scream emanates from the house and people have gone missing under strange circumstances. However, all the attempts to investigate these incidents turned out unsuccessful. It is now your turn to take things into your hands and shed light on all the mysteries.

Immerse yourself in a mansion full of dark and gruesome secrets. Solve a series of puzzles that hold the key to uncover the truth of this property. Make sure to pay attention to every detail such as mysterious notes and newspaper clippings. This content will help you step closer to unraveling the secrets. Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test, all the while keeping a check on the cursed power that has possessed the place.

Key features:

– The terrifying story of a ventriloquist and his puppet

– Many hidden riddles and puzzles

– The chilling atmosphere

– Climatic visuals

To build up the hype, take a look at the official teaser video below.