Nice Disc: The Last Hot Blood Has Arrived on Nintendo Switch

Join the Action in Nice Disc: The Last Hot Head

KEMCO is proud to announce that Nice Disc: The Last Hot Blood is out now on the Nintendo Switch. The game is already available on each regional storefront. The standard price of the game is $4.99, but you can purchase it right now for just $4.49 with a 10% launch discount. Hurry up and grab your copy before the offer ends on 4 April 2024.

Nice Disc: The Last Hot Blood

Nice Disc: The Last Hot Blood is an action game where you steal, throw, and evade flying discs to defeat your enemies. This amazing local multiplayer sports brawler originally came out on PC via Steam in May last year. The game supports up to 4 players and features a comic art style, so, get ready to leave a mark in the closed halls of Nice Disc.

The game has two different modes. The Story mode allows you to play with a friend to become a champion in the arena. Will you become the last one standing and bring back home the belt? The Battle mode allows you to challenge your friends in the local multiplayer battle with up to 4 players. Excel in the battle royale, engage in team battles and strive towards the finish line to compete at the highest speed in the thrilling Nice Disc Run. Or pursue the highest team score in the electrifying Nice Disc Striker!

If you are a fan of fun co-op games, then this one will surely hit the spot. To build up the hype, take a look at the official trailer below.