Banshee Hunt Is Coming Out Next Month on Steam

The Banshee Hunt Is About to Begin

Take up your arms because the hunt is about to start! The Brazilian indie game studio FireRing Studio has announced the release date of its upcoming title Banshee Hunt. It will be coming out on PC via Steam on 5 April 2024 for a standard price of $3.99.

Banshee Hunt

Banshee Hunt is a first-person hunting game featuring the supernatural spirit from Irish folklore. It takes place on an isolated island that is far from anyone’s reach. These supernatural spirits announce the death of living beings by shouting or crying.

Unfortunately, one day you hear its cry and figure out that you will die. However, you decide not to accept that fate and start an aggressive hunt for all these spirits to prevent your tragic destiny.

Key features:

– Banshee: A supernatural spirit from Irish folklore that announces death by shouting or crying.

– Terrifying Enemies: Enemies roam the island looking for living beings to kill.

– Variety of Weapons: Kill with up to 9 different weapons hidden across the map.

– Resource Management: Find and manage health syringes and ammo to stay alive.

– Night Vision Goggles: Wear night vision goggles to see better in the dark.

– Historical Documents: Discover the history of the spirits and the island’s inhabitants through documents spread across the map.

Make sure to take a look at the official announcement trailer below.