While Waiting Demo Is Now Available on Steam

Embrace the Joy While Waiting

Optillusion Games, the award-winning studio known for developing “Moncage” is proud to announce the launch of the While Waiting demo on Steam. This innovative game invites everyone on a transformative journey through the art of patience, humor, and profound life insights. You can download it right now and get a firsthand experience of the unique concept of the game.

While Waiting

While Waiting is a casual time management visual novel game that allows you to embrace the serenity of doing nothing. Learn the power of acceptance and patience in more than 100 situations from birth to death. And explore the waiting moments in our life in a comprehensive way.

The underlying essence of the game is to understand that waiting is the key to clearing every situations. There are no shortcuts or actions that can expedite the waiting time. It also features a unique blend of comedy and thought-provoking narrative concerning the profound aspects of life.

That is not allm there are multiple hidden elements and surprises within the seemingly mundane waiting periods. Which helps in transforming moments of boredom into an engaging explorative adventure. So, are you ready to learn the art of being patient and navigate a world full of valuable lessons and insights?

To build up the hype, take a look at the official gameplay reveal trailer below.