On Track Official Game Announcement for PC

On Track Will Surely Enhance Your Productivity

The indie game developer GIGATANK 3000 is delighted to announce a free cozy productivity tracker titled On Track for PC. It will be coming out on Steam sometime in March and guarantees to help you rejuvenate, relax, and focus on your tasks. You can even put it on your wish list right now to grab your seat on this fruitful ride.

On Track

On Track is a casual atmospheric productivity tracker game that will help you focus on your work. Boad a train and watch beautiful landscapes pass by from your seat. Commit to different activities, and create a to-do list that you can start, stop, restart, or edit anytime. Set a timer, and see yourself making the work out of it.

Not only that, your productive journey will be accompanied by relaxing tunes that are sure to calm your mind. You can even adjust the background sound effects. This includes the chatter of other passengers or the rhythmic beat of the train.

Key features:

– Manage your tasks: Set your activity with a timer, create a todo list that you can cross off, edit, and extend to help you knock out goals
– Relaxing Lo-fi Soundtrack: On Track features an entire playlist of relaxing lo-fi-inspired tunes to help you get into your flow state.
– An idyllic Landscape: Accompanying the comforting soundscape is a lush pristine landscape that gently accompanies you.

So, are you ready to track your progress and become the best version of yourself?