Imperiums: Greek Wars – Rise of Caesar Expansion Is Out Now

Rediscover Rome in Imperiums: Greek Wars

We have great news for all the strategy game lovers. The indie game developer Kube Games has officially launched the Rise of Caesar DLC for Imperiums: Greek Wars today. It invites players to bear the Roman Aquila from Gaul to Britannia. Moreover, you can purchase it right now on Steam for just $17.99 with a 10% release discount.

The Rise of Caesar is the fourth expansion of the historical grand strategy game. Imperiums: Greek Wars has made a significant contribution to the genre. It is hardly believable that such a small indie studio with just two people achieved this.

Imperiums: Greek Wars

In Rise of Caesar, you will have to overcome the demanding terrain and various weather conditions beyond the Alps. Defeat the wild tribes with their self-appointed heroes, while at the same time exploring the intricate politics of Rome. If you manage to subdue the Gallic tribes, you may convey your great victories onto the second map. And ultimately become the first Roman general to set wander in Britannia.

The game features very effective mechanics, wicked AI, historical accuracy, and a depth of detail you will hardly find in other games. If you want to read the full expansion notes, click right here.