Floramancer: Seeds and Spells Will Bloom on Steam in March

Defend Earth’s Last Forest in Floramancer: Seeds and Spells

Prepare to embark on an epic adventure like never before! The solo developer Joe Sullivan has announced the release date for his upcoming title Floramancer: Seeds and Spells. It will be coming out on 5 March on PC via Steam for a price of $8.00 with a 25% discount.

Moreover, the game also found success during the Steam Next Fest and many players and critics loved it. Now, we are excited to see how things will turn out when it launches officially.

Floramancer: Seeds and Spells

Floramancer: Seeds and Spells is an action farming game that combines spell-growing magic with thrilling battles against deforestation. Embark on an enchanting pixel-art adventure to protect your beloved forest from killer robots. Plant seeds, nurture your garden, and cultivate different flowers. Each plant has unique properties and growing them strategically will result in stronger and faster results.

Harvest them properly to unlock incredible spells and abilities. The better a plant grows and receives proper care, the more powerful spells will be unlocked. Harness these abilities to find lost seeds, mine rocks, fight robots, and reclaim your forest.

The game also features a lot of elemental powers. This includes fire, water, earth, and air, and it has a variety of roles in cultivation. So, are you ready to become the guardian of the forest and go up against all the adversaries ahead?

Key features:

– Dozens of unique seeds, plants, and spells that all have various uses for combat, exploring, and nurturing plants. ​

– Extremely interactive procedural environment with tons of enemies and obstacles.

– Beautiful pixel art style that helps bring the spells to life!

– Short but sweet, with 4 to 7 hours of main content.