Emberward Steam Next Fest Demo Is Out Now

Embark on a Tower Defending Adventure in Emberward

As a part of Steam Next Fest, the indie game developer ReficGames has released a demo version of their upcoming title Emberward. In this demo version, players will get to experience about 45 minutes of gameplay including the first world and a boss fight at the end.


Emberward is a roguelike tower defense game with a primary focus on maze building and unique tower mechanics. You will step inside the shoes of a guardian responsible for protecting the fire essence to light up the darkness.

The game features a variety of towers to choose from, along with the ability to create mazes. Utilize different-shaped blocks to build amazing mazes to fight off the invading monsters. Persistently develop, strengthen, and refine your strategies until you achieve your goal.

Key features:

– Roguelite tower defense: Collect towers, wall blocks, and relics throughout each run, facing a variety of maps and quests.

– Maze building with tetromino blocks: Create a variety of mazes using different blocks made of various shapes.

– Uniquely designed towers: Includes poison gates that rain poison on enemies, drone towers that track monsters, and massive, powerful 2×2 towers.

– Relics, maps, talents, level mechanics: Trying my best to make every run as fun as possible.

– Boss levels: Every boss has different strategies.

Emberward is coming out on Steam sometime in Q2 2024. To build up the hype, take a look at the demo trailer below.