Baldur’s Gate 3 Actor Joins Fallout: London

Neil Newbon, Renowned Actor from Baldur’s Gate 3, Adds Depth to Fallout Universe

Excitement abounds in the gaming community as Neil Newbon, celebrated for his portrayal of the enigmatic Astarion in the 2023 blockbuster Baldur’s Gate 3, steps into a mysterious role within Fallout: London, a sprawling mod set to enrich the world of Fallout 4.

In a recent update video from developer Team Folon, the announcement was made, revealing the Baldur’s Gate 3 actor’s involvement in the ambitious project. While details regarding his character remain veiled, eager fans await the opportunity to experience his performance when Fallout: London debuts on April 23, 2024.

Newbon’s illustrious career transcends his role in the aforementioned Baldur’s Gate 3, boasting credits in a myriad of acclaimed titles, including Final Fantasy 16, Resident Evil Village, and Detroit: Become Human. His versatility in embodying quintessentially British characters adds depth to his repertoire, as highlighted by IGN.

The addition of Newbon isn’t the only star power enriching Fallout: London. Anna Demetriou, recognized for her roles in A Plague Tale: Requiem and Final Fantasy 16, also joins the cast in an undisclosed capacity, further heightening anticipation for the mod’s release.

Fallout: London promises players an immersive journey through a post-apocalyptic rendition of the UK capital, where encounters range from encounters with “stuffy parliamentary aristocrats to a resurrection of the Knights of the Round Table to an uncompromising cult of revolutionaries.”

Fallout: London emerges as a beacon of hope for fans eagerly awaiting the next official installment in the Fallout series. While it may be an unofficial addition to the franchise, the mod promises to deliver an immersive experience that captures the essence of Fallout’s iconic post-apocalyptic world. With someone working on a game like Baldur’s Gate 3 added to the mix,

The anticipation surrounding Fallout: London is further heightened by the realization that Fallout 5, the next official entry in the series, is still on the distant horizon. Bethesda’s roadmap indicates that Fallout 5 will follow the release of Elder Scrolls 6, a highly anticipated title that has been in development for years. This sequence of releases suggests that fans may face a considerable wait before they can delve into the next chapter of the Fallout saga.