Supermarket Times Will Start Shopping on PC in February

Go Shop in Supermarket Times

Prepare yourself for the ultimate shopping experience. Rabbit Hole Games has announced the release date for their upcoming surreal comedy point-and-click shopping simulator, Supermarket Times. The game will launch on PC via Steam on 14 February 2024. You can put it on your wishlist to dive right into it after its release.

Supermarket Times

In Supermarket Times, you will get a chance to become a normal person and go on a shopping spree. You will be completing a variety of awesome supermarket tasks such as buying alcohol for the teenagers, stamping on rats, and more.

The most exciting part is that the products are surreal and hilarious. There are items like the renowned Fat Fat Fatty’s Fat Powder “Get Fat For a Laugh”, Marl-Bros Cigarettes “A Slippery Slope Indeed”, and the captivating Thick and Milky Mother’s Magazine.

Not only that, there are tons of peculiar characters to meet and chat with. This includes Sid who wants to find out he is not a pervert, and Carol just wants to make sure there is no processed meat in her soul. And James’s father bout him a skateboard with no wheels 15 years ago and he is still sad about it. So, get ready to explore, shop, talk, and discover the strange and intriguing secrets.