Into the Necrovale Will Be Available in Early Access This Month

Into the Necrovale Is Coming Soon

Casey Clyde and Tribal Storm have finally announced the Early Access release date for their upcoming title Into the Necrovale. It will be available on PC via Steam and GOG. Moreover, a free demo version is already available on Steam for everyone to try out.

Into the Necrovale is an action RPG where you can collect powerful items that interact with one another. You will be stepping inside the shoes of The Stranger, a condemned criminal chosen by the All-Father himself. The fate of the world is in your hands, whether you want to save it or destroy it, the decision is yours.

Necrovale is a place filled with generations of unwanted criminals and degenerates. All of them follow a single rule, which is to fight to survive. Not only that, there are powerful relics to discover too. Collect these relics, become stronger, and follow your path.

You will come across various prisoners in your journey, whose crimes and failures have led them to Necrovale. Do not be quick to judge them because they might turn out to be a worthy ally in your goal of survival.

Key features:

– Find over 300 unique, handcrafted items
– Design your build and play your way
– Face significant consequences or fight against despair as you crawl through dungeons
– Collect Hope and share it with allies to improve and inspire them
– Encounter new and improved enemies

The developer is also planning to release exciting updates in the upcoming months. This includes hundreds of new items, four additional areas, and dozens of new enemies and bosses. As well as new biomes, levels, rewards, and NPCs. So, stay tuned for further news.