GameCube Easter Egg Discovered After 23 Years

The GameCube Jingle Gets a Hilarious Twist with a Little-Known Easter Egg

The GameCube, a nostalgic emblem of many gamers’ childhoods, has recently surprised fans with a little-known secret: an alternate version of its iconic start-up sound that adds a touch of humor to the familiar xylophone jingle. Shared online by an employee at Secret Castle Toys in Owensboro, Kentucky, the discovery has created a buzz across the gaming community, leaving many wondering how this Easter egg remained hidden for over two decades.

The uncovered Easter egg involves a simple yet undocumented trick: by holding down the Z button on the controller while booting up the console, players can unlock the secret start-up sound. Instead of the usual xylophone melody, users are treated to a sequence of amusing squeaks, reminiscent of a squeaky dog toy being playfully stepped on. The animated G-shaped logo unfolds on the screen accompanied by the quirky sounds, concluding with the delightful laughter of a child.

The revelation of this secret has sparked nostalgia and surprise among gamers, as they reflect on their shared memories with the GameCube. Tested and confirmed by outlets like Kotaku, the secret intro sound is indeed legitimate, raising questions about how such a playful feature remained undiscovered since the GameCube’s debut in 2001.

The TikTok video showcasing the hidden gem has become a focal point for fans expressing their amazement and, for some, a sense of pride in having known about the secret for years. The comments section is flooded with reactions, with users reminiscing about the GameCube era and confessing how this newfound knowledge has become a delightful discovery, adding an extra layer of charm to their gaming experiences.

In essence, the revelation of the GameCube’s secret start-up sound serves as a heartwarming reminder of the enduring appeal of classic gaming consoles and the joyous surprises they continue to bring to fans, even decades after their initial release.