Station to Station Gets Picturesque With the Photo Mode Update

Time to Take Pictures From Station to Station

Get ready to show off your in-game photography skills! Today, Galaxy Grove and Prismatika have added Photo Mode to the award-winning railway simulator game, Station to Station. This new 1.2 Photo Mode winter update also comes with a full revamp of the Custom Mode. It provides all the enthusiastic managers a chance to create the railway network of their dreams.

Station to Station

The updated version 1.2 introduces 4 new levels across the existing regions that are already in the game. It is ideal for individuals seeking short gaming excursions rather than a sprawling cross-country spectacle. The developer is also planning to release a series of updates during 2024 and beyond.

Click awesome pictures in the new Photo Mode with a variety of options listed below:

– Zoom, Focus Distance, and Blur Strength, with an option for automatic depth of field.
– Pick Focus Option.
– Hide the Interface Option
– Stop/Pause All Trains Option
– “Follow Train” Mode with the ‘cabin view’ option

Additionally, the Custom Mode also got revamped with a wide range of new features. It is now divided into 4 main categories such as level, industry, graphics, and railroads. Not only that, there are even more customizable settings for everyone to enjoy.

You can also take a look at the official Photo Mode update trailer below to get a glimpse of all the exciting new features.