Splatoon 3 Big Run Event Bug Recognized by Nintendo

A Glitch in the System Causes Reward Woes for Splatoon 3 Players – Nintendo Assures a Swift Resolution

Last weekend saw the latest Big Run event come to Splatoon 3 as hoards of Salmonids headed to the Barnicle & Dime stage from 1st-3rd December. However, now that the event has wrapped up, it appears that some participants have been hit with a bug that prevents them from picking up the correct rewards

The bug in question saw the Deep Cut trio jumping over the Big Run results dialogue and progressing on with the newscast as usual. As a result of this, the rewarded trophies appear to have resorted back to the old, percentile-based system of divvying out the prize pot instead of the new fixed-tier system. In short, if you performed well in the Big Run event, you might still miss out on your well-earned trophies.

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At least, that is the case for now. Nintendo has announced that it is aware of the bug and is working on an update to correct it for future events, while affected players will have the chance to replay the news announcement and receive the correct amount of trophies as a consequence.

The announcement from @nintendo_cs (via @OatmealDome) has been translated through Twitter’s built-in tool and can be found below:

“In Splatoon 3, there is an issue where the result announcement news is not displayed for the Big Run that was held from 9:00 am on Saturday, December 2nd, and the reward corresponding to the high score is not received. We will soon be distributing updated data that will allow you to redisplay the results announcement news and receive the rewards that originally correspond to your high scores. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

While the above announcement doesn’t specify when this new update will be coming our way, it is good to know that all those affected will receive the correct reward in due course.