PS5 Access Controller – A Comprehensive Guide

The PS5 Empowers Players with Accessibility, Design, and Limitless Possibilities

PlayStation is set to revolutionize the gaming experience with the launch of the Access controller for the PS5 on December 6, 2023. This innovative controller is the result of five years of collaboration with accessibility experts and PlayStation Studios, aiming to break down barriers and make gaming accessible to everyone. If you’ve preordered or are curious about its design and features, this guide provides an in-depth look at what the Access controller brings to the gaming community.

Release Date and Pricing: The Access controller is set to hit the global market on December 6, with a retail price of $89.99 USD | $119.99 CAD | ¥12,980 JPY | €89.99 | £79.99.

What’s Included in the Box: Explore the contents of the Access controller package, including a variety of button caps, stick caps, and expansion ports, providing users with an array of customizable options for an enhanced gaming experience. The meticulously designed kit ensures comfort and adaptability for diverse players.

Product Features and Functionality: Discover the challenges the Access controller is designed to address, providing a solution for players facing difficulties with standard controllers. With a focus on customization, the Access controller boasts versatility with an extensive range of stick and button caps, making gaming more comfortable and accessible for longer periods.

Learn about its unique features, including the ability to use two Access controllers and one DualSense wireless controller simultaneously. Dive into the controller’s compatibility with every game on the PS5, its wireless operation, and the incorporation of industry-standard 3.5mm AUX ports for additional buttons and accessories.

Expandable Inputs: Get insights into the compatibility of third-party accessories and the release details of the Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit for Access controller. The guide provides information on the 3D printing specifications for additional button and stick cap variations, fostering creativity within the gaming community.

Origins & Development Process: Understand the motivation behind creating the Access controller, aligning with Sony Interactive Entertainment’s mission to use technology for inclusive gaming experiences. Learn about the acclimation period for players transitioning to the Access controller and the crucial role played by accessibility experts and consultants in its development.

User Research Insights: Delve into the user research conducted by PlayStation, involving weeks-long playtests with gamers and members of the accessibility community. Gain valuable insights into how the Access controller addresses various disabilities, providing a thoughtful and inclusive gaming solution.

As the gaming industry moves towards greater inclusivity, the Access controller for PS5 stands as a testament to PlayStation’s commitment to making gaming a limitless and enjoyable experience for everyone. With its launch, a new era of accessible gaming begins, breaking down barriers and reinforcing the idea that “Play Has No Limits.”