Over 1200 Lego Fortnite Skins Unveiled by Epic Games

A Colorful Twist: Lego-Inspired Costumes Set to Transform Original Epic-Made Fortnite Skins

In anticipation of the highly awaited Lego Fortnite mode set to launch on December 7, Epic Games has exciting news for Fortnite enthusiasts. The game developer has revealed that more than 1200 in-game costumes will receive free Lego variations, adding a playful and creative dimension to the iconic battle royale. While Fortnite is known for providing a plethora of options for avatars due to the game’s multitude of crossovers with other pop culture giants, the sheer number of newly unveiled skins is unlike anything else that players have seen before.

While not every Fortnite skin will undergo the Lego transformation due to potential licensing complexities with the myriad officially licensed characters in the game, Epic assures that every original skin created by the game developer will be included. This move is expected to bring a delightful Lego twist to the familiar Epic-made characters that players have come to know and love.

Epic Games acknowledges that certain licensed characters in Fortnite, such as those from the Marvel universe, already have Lego counterparts and Lego video games. Notably, TT Games held exclusive console rights to the Lego license for over a decade, creating a series of Lego video games. Although TT Games no longer holds exclusive rights for Lego console games, potential licensing challenges may arise when adapting specific Lego properties into video games.

It’s worth noting that Lego, as a brand, has traditionally been cautious about collaborating with adult-themed properties. This caution implies that iconic characters like the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise or Robocop may not receive Lego versions, maintaining Lego’s family-friendly image. As Epic Games promises to roll out additional Lego Fortnite skins regularly, players can anticipate a steady stream of whimsical Lego-inspired transformations for their favorite in-game personas.