MW3 and Warzone Unveil Abolisher: The BlackCell DLC

Explore the Latest Operator, Abolisher, and Exciting Additions in MW3 and Warzone

Call of Duty enthusiasts, gear up for an adrenaline-packed experience as the highly-anticipated Season 1 update, the first since the launch of MW3 in December, is set to launch on December 6. One of the standout offerings in this new update is the BlackCell DLC bundle, priced at $30, which promises a fresh wave of content for players.

At the forefront of the BlackCell DLC bundle is the newly introduced Operator, Abolisher. With a sleek and visually striking skin, Abolisher adds a dynamic touch to the battlefield. The bundle not only grants access to this exciting new Operator but also includes a host of additional perks, making it a comprehensive package for fans.

Purchasing the BlackCell DLC automatically unlocks the Season 1 Battle Pass, providing immediate entry to the Pass’ dedicated BlackCell sector. Beyond this, players will receive the formidable “Man o’ War” weapon blueprint with tracers, the stylish “Flexed Upon” finishing move, the eye-catching “War Horse” vehicle skin, and a generous allotment of 1,100 COD points.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

For those who preordered the MW3 Vault Edition, the entire BlackCell DLC bundle, along with its array of offerings, is seamlessly accessible without any additional spending or grinding requirements.

The integration of the BlackCell DLC into Warzone adds an extra layer of excitement for players, as both games share the same store and progression systems. This ensures a cohesive experience for those who delve into the intense world of Warzone.

Season 1 doesn’t stop at Operator skins and weapon blueprints. It introduces a lineup of new core multiplayer maps, a buffed Santa to spread holiday cheer, and the highly-anticipated Warzone map, Urzikstan. As Season 1 unfolds, players can look forward to 16 additional BlackCell-related rewards, featuring 10 alternate operator skins and six alternate weapon blueprints, providing a plethora of customization options to enhance the gaming experience. Brace yourselves for the action-packed Season 1, where Call of Duty continues to push boundaries and deliver thrilling content for its dedicated fanbase.