Subzero Tides Officially Announced for PC

Can You Tame the Subzero Tides?

The indie game studio Logical Progression Games has officially announced its upcoming title Subzero Tides for PC via Steam. It is a unique sci-fi colony builder that takes place on Europa Moon. The game challenges its players to build and sustain a sustainable colony in the harshest of environments.

Subzero Tides

The story takes place in the year 2224 when humanity’s expansion into space finally lands on the Europa Moon. It is an inhospitable land with an icy and unforgiving surface. However, with the help of the geothermal vents, settling in this environment became possible.

You will be responsible for all aspects of the colony. From building habitation modules, generating power, and securing water supply, to extracting resources from the harsh landscape. All the while, keeping a check on food production and finances.

Provide guidance to the colonists, ranging from mission commanders, engineers, researchers, and more. Each of them has their own unique skills and roles. There are three robotic companions to choose from as well, each with its own abilities.

Additionally, there is a deep and complex gameplay with tons of variables, events, tasks, resources, and unique disasters. You must master the intuitive interface, resource management, route planner, access to the market, diplomacy, research, and more. Chart the region map, facilitate resource transfers between colonies, and engage in exploration missions.