Opaloid Kingdom – A Retro Adventure Game With Collectibles

Test Your Skills in Opaloid Kingdom

If you are a fan of retro-inspired games, then we have one amazing title for you. Check out Opaloid Kingdom, an old-school, fast-paced dungeon crawler game with tons of collectibles. The game is developed by JohnPeppermint and it is available for PC via Steam.

Opaloid Kingdom

Opaloid Kingdom tells the story of two mages, the first one being the protagonist of the game, The Azure Sorcerer. He leads a simple life in Azure River town, growing plants and herbs, and helping the villagers out. However, his peaceful life gets interrupted when the King summons him to the castle for an important request.

The Crazy Wizard is the antagonistic mage of the game. He used to serve the king as an advisor and ally, but now, he turned into an enemy of the whole crown. He lives in his secluded fortress with his monstrous pets keeping him company. Not only that, he got a whole company of gnomes that had built their own town under his fingertips.

Players will embark on an epic adventure to rescue the princess from the hands of evil in a medieval fantasy world. They will explore dark dungeons filled with monsters, discover new towns, and meet other wizards along the way. The awesome part about this game is that all of the music is based on real medieval and Renaissance music, from actual scores but with a chiptune twist.