Movies Tycoon – A Film-Making Simulation Game

Dive Into the World of the Film Industry

Lights, camera, your action! The indie game studio PixelCraze is proud to announce its upcoming project, Movies Tycoon. It is an ambitious game about the modern tycoon of the film industry and everything that comes within. The game is planned to be released for PC via Steam sometime in 2024.

In Movies Tycoon, players will dive into the risky world of film-making and its industry. They will take the challenge of producing the most brilliant blockbuster films that will appeal the audiences and critics worldwide.

This is not an easy task because players have to go through a series of processes to get there. That includes building their very own studio, hiring the best in the industry, sitting in the director’s chair, and much more. Everything and anything will depend on their shoulders.

Here are some key features of the game:

– Build your dream studio: Begin in a small, unassuming space and gradually expand into a sprawling studio complex. Witness your dream studio evolve and rise in the film industry.
– Assemble your dream team: Scout for talent, charm the big stars, and gather a crew that can turn any vision into reality. Build the ultimate team to produce box-office hits!
– Shoot the greatest movie: Experiment with genres, challenge norms, and create a film that will become a timeless masterpiece.
– Master the Art of Film Business: Navigate the challenging world of film production. Balance budgets, negotiate deals, and make strategic decisions to ensure success.
– Create your own stars: Your studio, your stars – craft the faces that will dazzle on the silver screen.
– Take the director’s chair: Make scripts that come to you in dreams, set up scenes that defy conventional logic, and let your unique vision guide every frame.