Modern Warfare III Sparks Controversy with Shocking Mission

The Latest Call of Duty Game’s Campaign Features a Highly Controversial Mission

For players who digitally preordered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, the game’s campaign is now available to explore. However, this latest installment in the franchise has already ignited controversy due to a shockingly intense mission.

Warning: This story contains major spoilers regarding the Modern Warfare III campaign.

As rumored, the game introduces a mission that bears resemblance to the infamous “No Russian” level from 2009’s Modern Warfare II. In this mission, players are part of a terrorist plot that results in a tragic loss of life. The mission follows the villainous Makarov and his henchmen as they embark on a terrorist attack aboard an airplane bound for Sochi, Russia.

Their nefarious group effortlessly passes through airport security and heads to the departure gate for their 6:45 PM flight. The scene fades to black, only to return with a cutscene depicting the airplane filled with passengers, including men, women, and children, many of them Russian nationals.

Makarov forces a woman named Samara, who had prior affiliations with a military organization opposing Russia, to carry and eventually detonate a bomb aboard the plane. The entire sequence unfolds in the first-person perspective from Samara’s point of view.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Samara is compelled to move to the back of the plane with the bomb strapped to her chest, while holding a pistol against her will. She pleads her innocence to Makarov, stating she is not a terrorist. However, when she is seen holding the bomb and pistol, a henchman labels her as one. She begs the passengers for assistance in defusing the bomb, but they perceive her as a threat, leading to a violent confrontation that ultimately triggers the bomb’s explosion.

Makarov and his team manage to escape the doomed plane by parachuting away. The news later reports that the aircraft went down under suspicious circumstances, resulting in the tragic loss of all onboard passengers. The subsequent mission sees Task Force 141 investigating the crash site to uncover the truth behind the incident.

An earlier tweet, now deleted, from a developer at Infinity Ward, hinted that Modern Warfare III might involve an interactive terrorist mission, making it likely that the airplane sequence was what the developer was alluding to.

The “No Russian” mission from Modern Warfare II generated substantial controversy, and this new sequence in Modern Warfare III is sure to spark further debate and discussions, as the game’s release approached. A previous trailer hinted at the presence of an airplane terrorist attack mission in Modern Warfare III.

The 2009 mission allowed players to skip or be warned about the “offensive content.” However, it does not appear that this new mission in Modern Warfare III offers players the option to skip the airplane sequence or provides a content warning.