Frameland: A Binary Tale Dropped Its First Official Gameplay Trailer

Take a Sneak Peek Right Now

The first official gameplay trailer of Frameland: A Binary Tale is finally here, showcasing the game’s unique battle system, where turn-based combat is blended with timing. It also highlights the overheating system, unveiling how to exploit the weaknesses of the enemy to deal higher damage.

Not only that, the trailer also provides a glimpse into the story as protagonist Ryiu navigates the mysteries of Condorra. He unfolds his quest for answers against the backdrop of a world on the brink of destruction. Embark on a journey alongside allies, face off against adversaries, and reveal hidden realities.

Frameland: A Binary Tale is a 2D story-driven RPG about humans, robots, and what’s in between. It features unique old-school pixel art and 16-bit music for your nostalgia fix. The game is relatively short compared to others with a playtime of under 10 hours, so, you can say that it is a short RPG with a big heart.

Moreover, the game is set to release in early 2024 on PC and Mac via Steam and will be available in both English and German at launch.

The key features are:

– All action, no filler: Plenty of RPG goodness, tightly packed into 6–8 hours of playtime.
– A deeply intertwined story: Experience a gripping tale told from two perspectives — twists and turns included.
– Lovingly hand-crafted pixel art: Inspired by the classics, Frameland’s art blends nostalgia with a unique, modern touch.
– Original old-school soundtrack: Over 40 unique tracks of original 16-bit-style music reminiscent of the golden era of JRPGs.
– No random encounters: All enemies are visible on the map. Want to avoid them? Then better be quick!
– Pet dogs: Organic or otherwise!