Persona 4 Golden Collector’s Editions Revealed

Persona 4 Golden Gets a New Physical Edition

In a thrilling announcement from APEX, North Carolina on October 18, 2023, Limited Run Games unveiled their latest collaboration with gaming giants SEGA® and ATLUS, promising an exceptional treat for fans. This exciting venture showcases physical and collector’s editions of the beloved title, Persona 4 Golden, spanning across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series X platforms, accompanied by a range of exclusive merchandise. Pre-orders for these captivating editions of Persona 4 Golden will open the gateway to this gaming treasure trove on October 27th, welcoming enthusiasts into a realm of collector’s delights until December 10th.

Limited Run Games has curated an impressive Persona 4 Golden collection, offering aficionados two distinct collector’s editions. The Grimoire Edition enchants with its inclusion of the game and a Persona 4-themed SteelBook® encased within a beautifully crafted Grimoire book box. For devoted fans seeking the pinnacle of collector’s glory, the Midnight Channel Edition awaits, boasting an extraordinary array of memorabilia. This deluxe edition features a mesmerizing shadowbox, an intricately designed metal Teddie statue, the cherished Original Soundtrack, a pair of Yu Narukami’s iconic glasses, a captivating lenticular Midnight Channel box, and a plethora of additional surprises, promising an unparalleled gaming experience.

Much like their previous Persona 3 Portable™ offerings, Limited Run Games has sweetened the deal further by introducing exclusive merchandise for Persona 4 Golden, available only during the pre-order period.

Let’s delve into the enchanting world of physical editions offered:

Standard Edition (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox)

  • Physical copy of Persona 4 Golden on the platform of your choice.

Grimoire Edition (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox)

  • Physical copy of Persona 4 Golden on your preferred platform.
  • SteelBook® for an exquisite touch.
  • Grimoire book box and a slipcover, enhancing the visual allure.

Midnight Channel Edition (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox)

  • Physical copy of Persona 4 Golden tailored to your gaming system.
  • SteelBook® for protection and aesthetics.
  • Grimoire book box and slipcover for an elegant presentation.
  • Lenticular Midnight Channel Box offering an immersive visual experience.
  • Yu Narukami’s Glasses and Display Stand for a touch of persona-inspired fashion.
  • Official Soundtrack, allowing players to relish the game’s exceptional music.
  • Metal Velvet Room Pin and a meticulously crafted Metal Teddie Statue to adorn your collection.
  • All-Out Attack Shadowbox capturing the essence of this legendary game.
  • Premium Trading Card Set and a Photo Print for avid collectors.
  • Individually Numbered Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring the exclusivity of your Persona 4 Golden treasure.

With this collaboration, Limited Run Games, SEGA®, and ATLUS have truly crafted a collector’s dream, promising an immersive journey into the world of Persona 4 Golden that extends beyond the digital realm. Don’t miss the chance to secure your own piece of this limited-edition marvel and enhance your gaming sanctuary with these extraordinary offerings.