New Mario Voice Actor Revealed

Charles Martinet’s Replacement for Mario Might Be Revealed Earlier than Expected

The upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder has generated quite a buzz due to the revelation that Mario would have a new voice actor, marking a significant departure from the iconic portrayal by Charles Martinet. Nintendo confirmed back in August that Martinet, the longtime voice behind Mario, would be stepping into a new role as a “Mario ambassador,” involving interactions with fans worldwide. Despite this change, Nintendo remained tight-lipped about the new voice actor, leaving fans to embark on a whirlwind of speculation.

Recent developments in the form of a datamined list of voice actors allegedly extracted from a hacked kiosk demo of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, intended for US retail stores, have added fuel to the fire. While internet sleuths acknowledge the inherent risks of such information being unverified, the original poster included screenshots showcasing previously unseen levels from World 1 of the game, lending some credibility to the list of datamined voice actors.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

One significant challenge is that the list doesn’t specify which actors are lending their voices to which characters. Thus, enthusiasts, like MondoMega of Famiboards, have taken it upon themselves to investigate the voice actors’ backgrounds and eliminate those likely reprising their prior roles in other Nintendo games. This process has led to speculation that Mick Wingert, renowned for his work in various roles, including voicing characters in Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes, may be the new voice of Mario. Another contender mentioned is Kevin Afghani, though the consensus leans toward him voicing a talking flower in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

The datamine has also suggested a change in the casting for Daisy’s voice, hinting that longtime voice actor Deanna Mustard may have been replaced. On the other hand, Samantha Kelly seems poised to return, reprising her roles as Peach, Toad, and Toadette. However, it’s essential to approach all this speculation and deducing with caution, as nothing has been officially confirmed.

The speculation surrounding the new Mario voice actor is set to end soon, as Super Mario Bros. Wonder is scheduled for release on October 20 for the Nintendo Switch. Fans eagerly await the game’s launch to finally uncover the identity of Mario’s new voice.