Battle Grid Version 1.0 Release Date Is Finally Here

Destroy and Survive

Get ready to annihilate hordes of aliens! Barking Dogs has announced that Battle Grid will finally come out of Early Access tomorrow (25 October). This awesome sci-fi action roguelite survival game has garnered ‘very positive reviews’ on Steam. Moreover, it is available on the platform for a price of $5.99 USD.

Battle Grid

In Battle Grid, Players must create and command a squadron of mechs and attempt to conquer hostile planets. Along the way, they will face off against thousands of ever-aggressive local lifeforms. All the while collecting the resources of the foreign planet and harnessing them to their advantage.

Players must build up their grids to survive for 20 minutes against all the dangers. Furthermore, the positions of the units have a huge impact on the effectiveness of the team. The game features auto-battler elements with a lot of unique enemies to kill. There are tons of weapons to discover as well. Players can even mix and match weapons and units to create ground-breaking team synergies.

Here are the key features of the game:

  • Corporate ladder – add new challenge modifiers to runs for added difficulty.
  • Grid upgrades – permanent upgrades that can be purchased using in-game currency.
  • Two planets.
  • 13+ unique enemies.
  • 6+ unique bosses.
  • Thousands of different potential team combos.
  • 80+ unique weapons.
  • 80+ unique units.
  • 10+ unit synergies.
  • 15+ weapon synergies.
  • Original music.