Witchy Life Story Nintendo Switch and Xbox Release Date Revealed

Explore the Village of Flora in Witchy Life Story

We have big news for all the casual gamers. Today, Sundew Studios has announced that Witchy Life Story will arrive on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X/S on 19 October. The game was initially released for PC on 30 September 2022. Now it is finally ready to cast its magic spell on other consoles as well.

Witchy Life Story

Witchy Life Story is a wholesome and cozy visual novel-based video game filled with friendship, magic, and a little chaos. You play as the youngest member of the illustrious, magical von Teasel family. However, you lack the necessary skills of a budding witch. Your grandmother has offered you one last chance to prove that you are capable of becoming one.

The story takes place in the village of. You have two weeks to help the villagers prepare for their harvest festival. Along the way, you’ll tend to your garden, craft spells, and befriend the locals.

The game features tons of options for customization. Players can freely choose the appearance that suits them best. The watercolor art style enhanced the visual aesthetic as well. Additionally, players will also meet all the charming people of the village. This includes three romance-able characters.

Here are some key features of the game that you will enjoy:

  • Gardening: Grow your own magical plants and ingredients to use in your potions and spells.
  • Crafting: Brew potions, craft magical items, and create unique spells to help yourself and the villagers of Flora.
  • Exploration: Explore the village of Flora and its surrounding forest, and discover hidden secrets and treasures.
  • Socializing: Befriend the villagers of Flora, and learn about their lives and their hopes and dreams.

Check out the official launch date announcement video below.