Starfield Gives a Heartfelt Tribute to Fan Who Passed Away

Alex Hay’s Memory Shines in Starfield in Heartwarming Tribute

In a touching and poignant gesture, Bethesda Game Studios has paid tribute to a devoted Starfield fan. Alex Hay tragically passed away before the game’s official release, and fans have discovered a heartfelt act of remembrance within the game.

The discovery of “Alex Hay’s Note” was made by Redditor HunterWorld, who shared their find on the Starfield subreddit. The note reads: “To all my friends and fellow explorers. I’m always with you, out there in the starfield. Love Always, Alex Hay.”

Alex Hay, an avid Starfield enthusiast, lost his battle with cancer earlier this year. His passion for the game was evident when Bethesda announced the delay of Starfield from its initial November 11, 2022 release date. Hay, who had halted his cancer treatment months prior, expressed his disappointment on the game’s subreddit, acknowledging that he would not live to experience the highly anticipated release. He had eagerly awaited the game as a means of distraction and escape.



In May, fans united in their request for Bethesda Game Studios to pay homage to Hay’s memory within the game. Notably, in Fallout 4, they honoured a fan by introducing an NPC character in the game’s final expansion, Nuka World.

Bethesda’s dedication to their community shines through in their commitment to memorialize fans who have left us.

While Starfield is already accessible to players who pre-purchased specific versions, the full game is set to launch on September 6. Check out our Starfield review.