Starfield x Private Label Backpack Make Planetary Travel Easy

Lots of SPACE

We are currently in Starfield (early access) week! Everyone who paid a bit more cash for the game gets to play Bethesda’s new space adventure. The rest of us space peasants have to wait until September 6th. Private Label has collaborated with Bethesda and Xbox to produce a sweet backpack for fans.

The backpack has a kind of rectangular shape. It has the Constellation logo on the front and a Starfield x Private Label key tag. There are three main ways to open the main compartment; left side, right side, and top. The main compartment has two dividers which can be adjusted or removed.


There is a quick access pocket on the front and each of the side flaps. The inner side flaps also have smaller pockets and zipped pouches. Private Label says that users can comfortably fight their Xbox Series X|S, controller, peripherals, and cables in the bag.

Unfortunately, the bag is currently sold out. What do you expect with an officially licensed Starfield backpack during release week? Hopefully, they will restock soon, so you can pick up your own.

Starfield will officially launch on September 6th for PC and Xbox Series X|S. Players who bought the Premium or Constellation Edition can play it now in early access.

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