PlayStation Plus Essential Games for October Have Leaked

October’s PlayStation Plus Essential Games Have Leaked With Two New Titles

PlayStation Plus subscribers are in for a treat in October 2023, with two essential games leaking ahead of the official announcement. The Callisto Protocol and Farming Simulator 22, the alleged headliners, have been unveiled by the reliable Dealabs user, billbil-kun. Known for their accurate predictions since September 2021, this leak has created quite a buzz among gamers.

According to the leak, these games will be up for grabs from October 3 to November 6, giving players an entire month to dive into these virtual worlds. However, there’s a bitter pill to swallow for subscribers – Sony has recently increased the prices of PlayStation Plus subscriptions by up to 35%. Depending on your chosen plan, this could mean an additional cost of $20-$40 for 12-month subscriptions.

PlayStation Plus

But it’s not all gloom and doom. Sony is actively testing cloud streaming for PS5 games, a feature that will eventually be available to PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers. This feature will encompass a wide range of content, including PS5 games from the PlayStation Plus Game Catalogue and Game Trials, as well as supported digital PS5 titles owned by players.

In conclusion, despite the price hike, PlayStation Plus members can look forward to an exciting gaming experience in October with The Callisto Protocol and Farming Simulator 22. Plus, the promise of cloud streaming for PS5 games on the horizon is an enticing prospect for avid gamers.