Let’s Sing 2024 Belts Out Customization Options and Story Mode

Will You Be a Rising Star?

Everybody thinks being a singer is easy. You get out on stage, fans scream your name, you sing your songs, go party, then do it all again then next day. That’s not how it actually works. Let’s Sing 2024 will be giving you the premium singer experience… I think. I’m not a singer.

Later this year, Plaion and Voxler will be releasing this year’s karaoke game. The Let’s Sing series has been active and releasing a new title every year since 2013. There are also special spin-offs for specific elements, like Country, Queen, and ABBA.

Let's Sing 2024

This year, Voxler is doing some firsts for Let’s Sing 2024. Players will get to embark on a story mode for the first time in the series. There aren’t any details shared regarding the journey of players, but they will begin as a student taking singing lessons on their way to stardom. There will also be other characters to meet along the way.

Let’s Sing 2024 will also be the first time players can customize their avatar. Keep in mind, it does not appear that avatars will have their own body. They are floating head with floating hands to hold their microphone. There are options for hair style/color, make-up, and accessories, such as hats, glasses, and cat ears. Players can also customize their microphone.

The game will be shipping with 35 songs, which is on par for the series, but significantly less compared to many other music and rhythm games. Let’s Sing 2024 will be coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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