Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies Trailer and Story Revealed

Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies Exciting Reveal Trailer and Story DetailsĀ 

Exciting news for Call of Duty fans as Treyarch unveils “Operation Deadbolt” in MW3 upcoming Zombies mode. In a new blog post, Activision details what’s to come with the new Zombies experience.

Watch the reveal trailer here:

This new storyline follows the Dark Aether narrative from Black Ops Cold War, where Operation Deadbolt emerges in response to outbreak events observed by Requiem operatives during the Cold War.

The mission for Task Force 141 is clear: halt the plans of Viktor Zakhaev, an antagonist from Modern Warfare 2019, who has unleashed a Zombie outbreak using Aetherium, a sinister substance akin to Dark Aether crystals but more lethal.

Leading this operation are Kate Laswell and Johnny “Soap” MacTavish from Modern Warfare, along with Zombies specialist Captain Sergei Ravenov, an operative aligned with Requiem in the fight against Omega Group.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

This Zombies mode features both living and undead foes, with the living threats coming from Terminus Outcomes, a private military company hired by Zakhaev.

Unlike traditional round-based Zombies, MW3 offers an open-world experience with survival elements and PvE extraction, akin to Black Ops Cold War’s Outbreak. It includes incursion zones of varying difficulty, core Zombies elements, special story missions, and hidden secrets.

Get ready for the launch of Modern Warfare 3 on November 10. More details on multiplayer and Warzone will follow on October 5, so stay tuned for further updates on this highly anticipated release.